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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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preparing for the pope. his visit next weekend will disrupt many routines. that has some religious leaders concerned. a new chapter in education, this is a lesson in learning and growing for the entire south jersey city. above average. that's what you can expect when you head out. we'll warm into mid-80s and we'll be there for a while. right now it's cool, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm traicy davidson. >> our temperatures warm above average yesterday. we're going to stay that way today. in fact our temperatures will warm up more than what we saw
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yesterday. heading into mid-80s. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 53 in pottstown, 61 in wilmington, temperatures in dover at 61 degrees. 59 in wildwood, 62 in atlantic city. lots of sunshine, any clouds we have will be high thin clouds. no rainfall to tell you about either over the next couple dafs so eight hour city planner shows 62 degrees. take a look at your lunch hour, 81. today's high will go to 87 degrees, i'll let you know how long you can expect our temperatures to stay that hot in my next forecast in about ten minutes. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're on the vine expressway, looking at the cameras here around 24th we have no problems, camera moved down a tad but you can see not a car in sight. the westbound lanes in there so that's headed to the schuylkill
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expressway. with the three-minute drive time up to the schuylkill and speaking of the schuylkill okay there as well. into the center city area 13 minutes, no problems or incidents in the way, southbound even through the work zone we're okay. 14-minute trip up to the vine street expressway. we're okay there also. still 15 minutes. when i come back we'll do a check with mass transit. police are searching for suspects and motive in a deadly shooting in north philadelphia a. man was shot several times at fourth and cambria last night. he died at the hospital. police hope security cameras near the scene will help their investigation. it's 4:02. the world meeting of families is a global event. people of all faiths are welcome. the pope's visit has some local religious leaders concerned. katy zachry to explain. tell us more. >> reporter: there was so much concern among some religious
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leaders in philadelphia that the pope's visit was going to prevent their parishioners getting to church that a rally was plan forward this morning at city hall. however, i did learn late last night the rally that was originally planned is not happening. someone from the mayor's staff met with pastors and convinced them the city will do everything it can during the papal weekend to help people get to and from their churches despite major road blocks and detours. about 70 churches fall in that secure perimeter which will make it extremely tough for services. one of the pastors at the meeting says we will learn more about what the city exactly will be doing to help those parishioners get around the headaches and hassles. we should learn that he says in the next few days. coming up i'll introduce you to a pastor whose church is taking a creative approach around these road blocks.
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katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." today communications companies will offer a closer look at the upgraded wireless system that will be in place for &sit. a high capacity system is set up along the ben franklin parkway help the crowds stay connected during the mass and other papal activities. here is a live look at citizens bank park. you might ask what do pope francis and the phillies have in common? there is a connection. we'll share that ahead at 4:30. you can tap the nbc app for everything, you'll find a list of things you cannot bring to events, the app is a free download for smart phones and tablets. >> a teen from camden county is facing charges in alleged isis inspired plot against pope francis during his visit to the u.s. investigators say the 15-year-old had a plan to attack the pope but they don't believe he had the resources to carry it out. investigators say the teen
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reviewed isis material and made contact with people overseas. >> the key is to separate an individual who might be acease-firational from one that is operational that has intent and willingness and ability to do something. >> how do you do that? >> it's good intelligence, good law enforcement. >> authorities made the arrest about a month ago but the details just surfaced this week. it's 4:05. philadelphia congressman has a court hearing ing his case but he is not expected to attend a. judge will decide if he can have contact with potential witnesses. the government requested that he be barred from contact as a condition of his release. fattah accused of misusing money. he is is married to renee. feds allege that she took part in the scheme to sell a car in
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order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged and denies wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. >> happening today a lawsuit involving a woman who died after a polar plunge at the jersey shore heads to court. the parents of the victim tracy hottenstinl filed the suit. searchers found her body february of 2009. authorities say she fell from a pier after drinking with friends following an event. the suit claims she may have been alive whiling pronounced dead. we'll learn details of an investigation into philadelphia's licenses and inspections agency. the city's been looking into practices since the deadly center city building collapse in 2013. six people died during a botched demolition of 22nd and market streets. city controller will release his
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latest findings and announce an action plan over concerns over public safety. happening today, shine the light on the progress in the city of camden. the ribbon will be cut welcoming a new upgraded charter school. matt? >> reporter: kids are back in the classroom for the new school year. with camden being one of the four cities in the state a lot believe that the kids here don't have the greatest learning opportunities. pleem academy here has been trying to change that mind-set for nearly 20 years. the ribbon cutting is for a new school. administration wanted inning to give these kids a better way to learn. it's about science, technology, engineering, arts and math. recently sending graduates to ivy league schools. >> leap academy, without an institution of higher learning here in the city, a lot of these kids will be dropping out going into schools that are not the
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most fitted for them. we have 100% graduation rate. >> reporter: not bad numbers there. that is the new school. coming up we'll hear from a couple of the students graduating this year, what they have to say and what they hope will spread to the rest of the city of camden. live in camden, matt delucia, nbc 10 nulgs. >> it's 4:08. a ground breaking ceremony is happening today at the devine lorraine, many consider an eye sore. the hotel opened in 1894 but closed in the late 90ss. a developer plans to transform the building into apartments and restaurants. city leaders will tour the building following the ground breaking. good morning. temperatures today expected to warm even warmer than what we
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saw yesterday. a quick look at your headlines. a dry stretch in the forecast, we have days and days of rain-free weather. it's nice in my opinion. then cool again. i'm tracking fall-like conditions. fall does start next week and it's going to start to feel like it as we head into the next couple of days. your current temperatures at 59 degrees in northeast philly, 64 in philadelphia, 56 in washington township. 53 degrees in chester springs. 49 in mount pocono, 55 degrees in lancaster. 57 in reading and right along the shoreline we're in the 60s. 66 degrees in beach haven. 62 at the atlantic city airport. for today, 83 to 87, that's the range. sunny and nice, a little bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. i am tracking how long these temperatures are going to stay in the 80s, i'll go over all of the details when i see you in about 10 minutes. it's 10 after 4 now.
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a ride to work if you're getting out the door early, specifically let's look at roosevelt boulevard. >> it's okay this morning so far. looking at several cameras. i thought roberts avenue would be a nice pick to start. you can see northbound no problems you head to the schuylkill expressway you'll have no problems there. if the you're on 95, watch out for construction southbound with a lane restriction between girard and washington avenue. mass transit, no problems or delays for septa pat coand new jersey transit. if you're out the door on 202 we're moving along nicely. a 10 minute drive time at the most from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. tracy. >> tonight round 2 for a dozen republican candidates. next we'll preview the debate and tell you why one strategist thinks that donald trump is not the candidate to watch tonight. and call it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. next the social media upgreat
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that will change how you respond to facebook posts.
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>> now to decision 2016. debate two for the republican presidential candidates is scheduled tonight. the prime time state of california will be more crowded than the last, not 10 but 11 will discuss the issues this time. they include donald trump, chris christie, carly fiorina and ben carson. one republican strategist says it's carson who comes in with the strongest momentum. >> he is so soft spoken part of me doesn't feel he is that
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commander in chief persona. with that said i think he is the last version of donald trump. >> most polls show trump and carson well ahead. in los angeles last night donald trump spoke to veterans aboard the uss iowa. a new poll shows trump in a statistical dead heat with hillary clinton. vice president joe biden is blasting donald trump's position on immigration. biden is still deciding whether to run for president. he told an audience he thought trump's message was sick. trump is calling for millions of undocumented immigrants to be deported before allowing some to come back. flash floods continue to ravage parts of utah. >> oh, no. oh, no. there are vehicles. >> cell phone video shows vehicles being washed away by the powerful flood waters. at least a dozen people from the
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two vehicles are confirmed dead. listen to one describe how dangerous the situation was. >> the first was right about the people in the vehicle, wish i could do something. but started to realize we were in trouble too. >> in all the flood waters have claimed the lives of 16 people across utah. officials say they will call in additional resources to continue the search for any victims. a temporary wall collapsed in los angeles county, california during heavy rains there yesterday. a home was left teetering above a stream of water after the collapse. the concrete wall was built to control water during a construction project. no injuries reported. the australian airport has carried out its first successful attack on isis targets in syria. the defense minister confirmed the air strikes yesterday. he says the fighter jet destroyed an armored vehicle
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with a missile. it's a week since australia announced it would attack isis forces in syria. last year officials there vowed to join the u.s.-led coalition in attacking isis targets. president jimmy carter has received the second of four doses to fight cans they're spread to his brain. he says the treatment help his system destroy cancer cells and he has not received ill effects. yesterday he still had time to answer a few questions ranging from the migrant crisis to global security. many asked for it now looks like we'll see a dislike button on facebook. mark zuckerberg confirmed the company is working on it. right now it has the like button but that makes it hard to express sympathy when they read sad news. zuckerberg says it's complicated because they don't want a forum where people vote up or down on a post. i think people have been asking for a way because you want to
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say oh, i'm with you but you can't say like especially if they are going through something hard. >> what about people being mean. >> that's what people are concerned about. >> on youtube you give the thumbs down stuff. >> i guess if you're friends with a person. >> they are going to be a supporter. >> let's take a live look outside now. we're going to see lots of sunshine once again as we head into today and really the rest of your week. look at cape may, the sun is down but once that comes up it's going to be a beautiful day down the shore. and for philadelphia, expect temperatures well above average. i'm tracking a change as we head into the next couple of days. our temperatures will drop back down closer to afternoon and that's going to be just in time for fall. so bright sunshine for us. a dry stretch is on the way, then cooler temperatures again. 70s we go. i'll show you in the seven-day forecast. 64 degrees, a it wille bit of cloudiness. wind out of the west at 7 miles per hour, humidity is at 72%
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across the rest of the region we're starting off on the cool side in the poconos. 49 degrees, 55 in allentown, 53 in pottstown, 55 in westchester, 64 this morning in philly, 56 in glassboro and temperatures in atlantic city at 62 degrees. if you're waking up with us in dover we're in the low 60s as well. we're going to continue to stay warm. our average 79 but as we go into today and tomorrow we'll stay above that. close to 90 degrees. 87 is up there for this time of year. our satellite/radar shot shows lots of sunshine, another dry day and it's not just for the philadelphia area but for a good majority of the nation is seeing these quiet conditions here. the dry spell, an area of high pressure will continue to build as we head into the rest of the day and tomorrow. we start to see some changes as we head into saturday with more humidity. then by sunday we'll see a cold front slide through.
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that's going to give us cooler and breezy conditions as we head closer to your eagles forecast. it's almost fall. one week from today fall will officially start. and we'll actually see cooler temperatures so it wilt actually feel like fall. that's always nice when the seasons match up. around the region, philadelphia 83 and pottstown and 85 in allentown. seven-day forecast, shows nice conditions expected for the rest of the week and we won't get cooler until the weekend. >> thanks for that. let's check the way to work. jessica? >> a lot of people will take the admiral wilson boulevard. it runs into the ben franklin bridge. there's not a car in sight so some good news here right around in camden. this is right at the 676. you can see behind here where all of the lights are we're running into the toll plaza and the ben. we're okay there and we looked at that.
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clear on the ben. the walt, the tacony palmyra. only the blue route everything is moving along. we have all green. and great drive time, southbound where we see that delay for the morning hours, 15 minutes from the schuylkill up to 95. if you are on 95 watch out for some construction, 95 southbound between girard avenue and washington avenue there is a lane restriction. 4:20. this morning drivers are paying more to use the tacony palmyra and burlington bristol bridges when commuting outside of new jersey. starting last night at 10:00, the fare increased to $3 for drivers of ez pass. $4 for cash. the bridge commission says the higher tolls are needed to fund improvements. >> there is something new on the horizon if you're on the beach down the jersey shore. it's a half sunken boat. some call it an eye sore. others think it's dangerous. next find out why it's been
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submerged here in cape may for weeks. and the power of the pedal. why you will soon see more light blue bikes around philadelphia. do you wonder what happens behind the scenes here? some of it, well, you can see for yourself, interact with us. we talk with our friends following us only per is scope. it's an app. do it and our address nbc philadelphia and join the conversation.
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don't forget to vote for our high school football game of the week. here are the games.
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go to call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. voting closes tomorrow and we'll announce the winner thursday night on nbc news at 11:00. e-cigarettes are band at all national parks in places where people can't smoke. the health effects are still being investigated but the park service has decided to ban their use everywhere that tobacco smoking is already prohibited like indoor sites and facilities. >> we learned that president obama will be hosting a world leader, the day after he bids farewell to pope francis. the white house will host a dinner for the chinese president on september 25th, the day after the pope leaves, after he leaves washington. same day the pontiff addresses the united nations in new york. pope francis arrives in philadelphia the next day, september 26. a chester county hospital cannot sell wine for charity. yesterday a judge rejected the hospital's bid to sell about 1300 bottles of confiscated wine
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during a fund-raiser for the hospital. the wine was raised two years ago from a lawyer accused of illegally selling wine from his home. the law only i a lous liquor given to hospitals if it uses it toward pharmacological use. thousands of veterans can get$รง(i help finding jobs. the fair will happen on the battle ship new jersey from 10 to 2. 40 companies are participating. the goal is to help at least 2,000 veterans and military spouses find jobs. organizers encourage you to register ahead of time. we've posted the link on the nbc 10 mobile app. >> people in one jersey shore town are worried about a sunken boat sitting in a popular waterway for weeks now. the boat went down in cape may harbor a month ago. the boat has sunk twice this summer now sitting in the water yards from the cape may nature
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center. our cameras caught several gawkers climbing aboard. besides ruining the scenery they believe it poses a threat to public safety. >> definitely a hazard for sure. it's going to take one good storm to break this boat into pieces, there willble debris all over. >> the fuel and oil were already pumped off. the owner tried to raze the boat but has been unwilling to pay a company thousands of dollars to have it removed. state police say he is cooperating. kids get their first opportunity to play on a renovated play ground in south philadelphia. a ribbon-cutting ceremony will open the playground. one big improvement, resurfaced tennis courts. >> good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. 64 degrees as we get everybody up and ready for school. maybe you're leaving early for
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work. we're going to see a mild start, warm temperatures in store for us. i'll let you know how long these s conditions. >> route 309 around the p.a. turnpike. no problems, if the you're headed north or southbound but coming up at 4:30 we'll go over the schuylkill expressway. >> as we all prepare for the pope, maybe you want to brush up on your spanish, that's the language he will use during his time in philadelphia.
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>> >> nbc 10 has learned that some religious leaders have concerns
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about the pope's visit to philadelphia next weekend. >> a good good deed ends tragical tragically. we'll explain why more than 100 people rallied to remember a good samaritan. >> we'll warm into mid-80s above average for this time of year. when it will finally start feeling more like fall. it's 4:30. good morning. welcome back. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. enjoy the summer. we have a week left. right to meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. this is a nice way to end our finlt week of summer with temperatures that make it feel like summer as we head into next week we'll drop back closer to the 70s, closer to average. 49 to start in the poconos, 55 in allentown, 53 in pottstown. a mild start if the you're in philadelphia at 64 degrees, 62 at the atlantic city airport and temperatures in wildwood at 59 degrees. over to the


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